BreakFree from Toxic Relationships

In Toxic Relationships, abnormal behaviour becomes the norm. In the beginning of the relationship, things are different – the relationship holds promise and is built on hope, you feel this person really sees you, you feel loved and validated – it can almost feel too good to be true!

Then things start to turn and it puzzles you:

  • You notice this person doesn’t pay you as much attention, they become ‘cooler’ and are not so supportive;
  • they begin to undermine your confidence and you have to take care in how you speak to them;
  • you may catch them out or suspect they are lying to you, but you think, “Surely I must be mistaken”;
  • it is difficult to fully relax and be yourself and stress starts to build;
  • This person will blame you for anything that goes wrong in the relationship and you begin to take on that blame, thinking, “They’re right, I must be doing something wrong”;
  • over time these behaviours begin to escalate and, as they do, they also start to feel normal, you lose touch with what normal, healthy relationship behaviour is;
  • at night, you lie in bed with a sinking feeling in your stomach, knowing that even though you are so close to them physically, you feel so alone.

There is nothing wrong with wanting the perfect relationship, and also working hard for it, but if this relationship comes at the expense of you not being heard, seen, validated or loved for who you are, then this relationship is Toxic.

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