BreakFree from Stress

In our increasingly fast-paced world, with much uncertainty, our daily stress and anxiety has increased.  Stress and anxiety are a normal part of life however:

    • if stress is activating the nervous system to the point where thinking and basic body functions are becoming impaired;
    • if you find yourself unable to sleep or switch off from thoughts;
    • if you are suffering from chronic pain or disease, then…

The self-guided techniques you will learn in Somatic Mindfulness (based on Dr J. H. Schultz’s Autogenic Training) will give you the skills to be able to relax and bring your body and mind back to optimum function.

In Somatic Mindfulness, you will learn a mindful meditation that focuses on the six functions of the body, which are, learning to regulate breath, heartbeat, digestive system, warmth and heaviness and calm the mind.

After completing the BREAKFREE FROM STRESS course you will:

No previous knowledge or experience is required, however, you will be required to implement a daily practice of Somatic Mindfulness.

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How does a lifetime sound? Yes, you get unlimited access to every course resource given to you.  If the lessons are recorded, you will receive those to. 

This is a live course held on the free to use online platform Zoom (In some cases this will also be in-person, stay tuned for updates)!. You will be emailed the link to access the course that is held in real time. The curriculum for each course is designed by the instructor. After each session you will have access to the recording. The recordings post each session are viewable at any time, and they can be paused, fast-forwarded, and re-watched/listened to as many times as you’d like. In addition, many students utilize the community group to share their insights and journey.

All you will need is a computer, laptop, or mobile device (tablet or phone will do fine). Your internet service (WiFi strength) should be strong enough to stream video content. And download the free to use Zoom App.

Please see our privacy policy and Terms and conditions on the website. Due to the nature of courses, once commenced, no refund is provided.  We strive to provide the best courses available.  We love to hear all feedback, please email  We would be more than happy to address any concerns. 

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Join The Waitlist

Get on the Wait List to be the first to hear the details.