BreakFree from your Inner Critic

If you have a strong Inner Critic, you will be familiar with the constant voice in your head that puts you in your place and makes you feel ‘less than’ in so many ways.  You will hear it whispering and whining while it monitors your thoughts, controls your behaviour and inhibits action.

There is nothing wrong with having an Inner Critic, in fact, you could not function in life without one! But if it means that:

  • Every time you look in a mirror, or every interaction you have, or every creative project you produce, the Critic is there, pointing out what could be better;
  • Nothing you do is ever good enough, and it never will be;
  • You feel a lot of shame, anxiety, exhaustion, low self-esteem and even depression;
  • You wake up at 2am, reliving scenarios from the previous day, showing you how you should have acted differently;
  • You have Suicidal thoughts are the result of having a ‘killer’ inner critic;
  • You turn to addictive behaviours to help you feel better;
  • Your Inner Critic constantly makes you feel you are not good enough and that everything you do is wrong; then your Critic is running your life.

After completing the BREAKFREE FROM your INNER CRITIC course:

When you break free from your Critic, it will transform into a supportive, intelligent and kind inner Mentor who will guide you in life without sabotaging your efforts, cheering you on.

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Get on the Wait List to be the first to hear the details.