BREAKFREE from Busyness & Burn Out.

You may be proud of being capable of achieving so much because getting things done is extremely important to you.  You know that a life without ‘doing’ is a wasted life.

You can multi-task well and others are in awe of how much you achieve.  When you have a project, you will sit up until the early hours with your laptop telling yourself, “Just one more email…”

There is nothing wrong with achieving and getting things done – we must to survive in the world, but if it comes with the experience that:

  • Without your Pusher (Inner drive, the Part in you that pushes the busyness), you think you cannot succeed in the world;
  • As soon as you cross off one item on your “to-do” list, another is quickly added. Knowing this, you don’t like to rest, relax or waste time;
  • You grind your teeth or skip meals;
  • You wake up tired and can’t wait for your first coffee;
  • You override your body’s limits and run yourself down to the ground;
  • You are already experiencing health problems, which may have taken many years to have effect (but for some people it sadly doesn’t take long at all).

It is time to realise there is another way to create and achieve with ease and flow.

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Get on the Wait List to be the first to hear the details.