Breakfree from Addictive Cycle

The definition of Addiction is

“1: a compulsive, chronic, physiological or psychological need for a habit-forming substance, behaviour, or activity having harmful physical, psychological, or social effects and typically causing well-defined symptoms (such as anxiety, irritability, tremors, or nausea) upon withdrawal or abstinence: the state of being addicted. 2: a strong inclination to do, use, or indulge in something repeatedly.” Merriam-Webster (

Your ‘friend’, that is: social media, hoarding, shopping, gambling, gaming, busyness, porn, drugs, alcohol, smoking, coffee, exercise… and (let me just leave a blank space for you!) is affecting your capacity to live your own life.

When Addiction is ruling your life, it is a love/hate relationship. On one hand, it is a wonderful friend that you enjoy hanging out with, but on the other hand, your ‘friend’ is smothering you. It is taking up so much space and you know you are missing out or sabotaging more wholesome ways of being.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, using substances or activities from time to time, but if this comes at a cost of:

  • disruption to your life, your health and your time;
  • a sense of powerless because you lose your ability to have a choice of saying “no”;
  • feeling frustrated because no matter what you do, you ultimately can’t stop returning to the habit/addiction;
  • wasted money and damage to your connection with loved ones;

If you can relate to this, then it is time to understand the root causes of this behaviour/compulsion.

There are many books written about how to break habits, and most of the time it’s how to get rid of them. The problem with this is that our habits and addictions are trying to help us in some way.

In order to change, you need to know how your behaviours are serving you.

In BreakFree Addictive Cycle, we turn everything upside down and ask, “Why is this habit/addiction still here? What is its purpose?” What is it trying to teach us? When you find the answer to this, you have choice and are able to let go of the habit. This is because the habit was formed to help you cope with life and cope with your stress.

There is a distinct cycle, or stages you go through when your compulsion/habit shows up. When you know these 9 stages you will finally have the key to be able to BreakFree.

People can form a habit or compulsion to almost any activity or substance. These behaviours can extend far beyond the usual drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. You don’t have to have a recognised addiction to have your life spiralling out of control; you can appear sophisticated, high functioning and successful, yet realise your life is not your own when you’re around your substance or behaviour of choice.

Which ones do you identify with?… food, drugs, social media, hoarding, shopping, gambling, gaming, busyness, porn, alcohol, smoking, coffee, exercise… (and let me just leave a blank space for you!).

When this compulsion/addiction/behaviour first came into your life, it would have felt a bit like a constant companion, never far from your thoughts. In the beginning, this companion is a wonderful friend whom you enjoy hanging out with. The joy and uplift you felt in anticipation of meeting your friend was almost euphoric and in the instant you met, it was heaven!

But then it’s downhill… because your so-called ‘friend’ ends up stealing your life, your health, your time and your money and ultimately corrupt you. You feel caught between a rock and a hard place because you can’t imagine life without your ‘friend’.

The more enmeshed you are with it, the more powerless you are to say ‘NO’ to it. Even if your life is at risk, there is no way you can stop because life is not worth living without it.

You realise your ‘friend’ is affecting your ability to live your own life.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, using substances or activities at times, but if it comes at the cost of wasted time and money, damage to yourself, your health, or your connection with loved ones, then it is time to understand the root causes that invited your ‘friend’ into your life in the first place. It’s time to learn how to let them go in order for you to be free to live your own life.

I spent a huge part of my life being OBSESSED with my habit of over-eating and tried everything to stop. Nothing worked long term.
It was only when I did a deep inner search that the Bingeing Cycle was born. This cycle doesn’t belong to me it belongs to the world. This is why I want to share it with you.

Let me share with you, a small part of my experience:

I couldn’t stop my emotional eating and bingeing. 😭

I was feeling so:

  • powerless to stop it.
  • trapped in the habit.
  • frustrated that no matter what I did, I couldn’t stop.

I couldn’t understand that, even though I knew about nutrition and psychology, I was still trapped and unhappy in a body that didn’t match the person I was on the inside. 

I searched high and low, all over the world for the answers but nothing and no one could help me.

I was hiding myself away, feeling guilty about the amount of money I spent on my habit junk food, stuck in a body that didn’t “belong” to me, and beating myself up. I felt powerless, hopeless, and that there was no way out. 

I had tried everything to stop the bingeing cycle, but nothing worked because I was unaware of how my brain was controlling my actions.

Now I would love to share what I discovered … 

This is what freed me from suffering and was the missing ‘key’ for me.  

I came to understand that it was my brain that made me binge!  When I realised how my brain was working against me, I had the knowledge I needed to change my binge behaviour.

This knowledge can be applied to any BINGE ….busyness, people pleasing, social status, social media.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s food or not.  

I took this knowledge and developed the “Addictive Cycle” / “Bingeing Cycle”, which has now been tested with my clients, all of whom have been able to Break Free too.  

Without this knowledge, I would still be trapped in the Bingeing Cycle forever. 

Now I can have a life where I am comfortable living in a healthy body that I appreciate.  I don’t experience shame when I socialise and it just feels easy to be part of the world again.  People who learn the content of this Course have the same experience. 

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