The 3 Biggest Secrets Keeping You Fat

Secret #1 – Food Addiction Is The REAL Reason Behind Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Hi, I’m Pia Lindgren, founder of BreakFree Eating. The first thing I discovered when I was struggling with being overweight was that overeating was not my fault.

Yes, your overeating is NOT your fault!

Your brain and your body’s sensitivity to food is what causes you to eat so much!

There are neurological and biological wirings INSIDE you that trigger INTENSE emotions and make you constantly crave food. No DIET, EXERCISE, or any amount of WILLPOWER will help you lose weight unless you have managed to solve your food addiction—period!

Take it from me. What I have uncovered after years of working with hundreds of people struggling with overeating is that, psychologically you have different ‘parts’ or selves within you that are in CONFLICT with each other.

The conflict of parts…

Have you ever found yourself saying, “Part of me wants to keep eating, but another part of me knows I should go out and do some exercise?” These are the ‘parts’ of your personality that are often wrestling with each other.

And this conflict between your Parts is the real reason why you struggle with your weight and food addiction.

You have an “I WANT TO BE HEALTHY” Part. This is the Part of you that wants what’s best for you, wants you to lose weight. But then you have nine other Parts that are pulling in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

One of those parts is the “SNEAKY EATER”, the one Part of you that sneaks food when NO ONE IS WATCHING. Sound familiar?

Unless you manage to make these Parts of your personality cooperate and work in harmony, you won’t be able to break free from food addiction and lose weight sustainably.

Secret #2 – Food is Your STRONGEST Emotional Compass

There is a strong underlying emotional reason why you crave a particular food. Craving sugar, bread, and cookies are indicators that you’re actually craving kindness, care and gentleness.

Your mind can’t spell out for you that what you really need is a hug, so it pushes you to the easiest form of release… sweets, cakes and cookies. The same goes when you’re craving fatty food. It means that you’re craving security.

The feeling of heaviness after a fatty meal replicates the feeling that you can’t be pushed around or knocked over. It also gives you a psychologically protective layer to keep you feeling safe. Knowing these emotional indicators for specific food cravings helps you make the right decisions instead of going after more food.

Secret # 3 – There’s A Part of You That’s AFRAID of Being Slim

Yes, as much as you tell yourself that you want to be slim or stop overeating, there is a PART of you that is AFRAID TO BE SLIM and is even TERRIFIED of looking and feeling good in your own skin…

Deep down under the surface of an overeater’s thoughts lie these secret drivers that will keep the weight on forever:

“If I was slim, then I would have NO MORE EXCUSES – that FRIGHTENS me.” “My fat protects me from being hurt.”

“My fat stops me from being seen, so I can HIDE FROM THE WORLD.”

Confronting this reality will help you systematically break down the very real barriers that keep you addicted to food and make it hard for you to lose weight sustainably.

After discovering these food secrets, I devised a battle plan to beat my own food addiction… I developed the BreakFree Eating Program, based on both a psychological and a physical approach to overeating.

It includes getting to know and recognize the nine Parts or Eating Archetypes that so impact what and how you eat. I used the steps in the BreakFree Eating program to lose weight myself and keep it off.

You too can follow my program, get to know those Parts or Eating Archetypes that are stopping you from losing weight sustainably. With my program you can stay slim and healthy forever!

Take my Food Sensitivity Quiz now and see how sensitive you are to certain food addictions. It’s Step #1 in understanding what is holding you back from losing weight and keeping it off.

Lots of smiles,


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