The BreakFree Eating Program





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BreakFree from the constant obsession about food, weight and shape. We know that diets do not offer sustainable weight loss. BreakFree Eating does. It will help you tune in to what your body needs. You will get your body back and become more congruent, with a sense of aliveness, a clear head, energy and relief.

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Your Program includes Immediate Access to:

  • The BreakFree Eating Program
  • Your Program includes Immediate Access to:…
  • The BreakFree Eating Program with easy to follow Video Modules. Learn the science of sustainable weight loss with no exercise or diets. Neutralise your food cravings one ‘part’ at a time.
  • The Eating Archetypes Model to help you understand the hidden science of overeating and the cycle of food addiction. And WHY you have a part that doesn’t want you to lose weight! Free yourself once and for all.
  • The Freedom Food Plan which has helped thousands of people lose excess weight rapidly while fuelling their bodies for healthy living. Be physically supported by a food program that is not a diet.
  • The Freedom Food Plan Plate that helps you build every meal for maximum nutrition and correct portion size.
  • The Meal Planner Template to systemise meal planning and shopping.
  • The BreakFree Eating Cookbook with simple, quick, easy to make recipes. Cooking becomes simple.

You’ll also receive our BreakFree Eating Support Package, including…

  • A PRIVATE Online Community of Connection and Support
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls which include facilitation of the Eating Archetypes. Uncover the root cause of your compulsion to eat. Understand that willpower has nothing to do with successful and sustainable weight loss. (The answer lies in owning all of your ‘parts’)
  • An ongoing Buddy System
  • You will have access to the course, 4 weeks after completion date.

You’ll learn how to Break Free from sabotage patterns with these exclusive tools, including…

  • The Weight Saboteur Quiz. Your score in the quiz helps you understand your body’s sensitivity to certain food types and their effects on your psyche. You’ll understand how susceptible you are to being addicted to food.
  • The Eating Archetypes Quiz
    Discover that your weight problem and food addiction has nothing to do with lack of willpower. It is not your fault!
  • Pia’s Tips and Guidelines to support you getting your life back and feeling happy and free to be you.