Book Cover - Outsmart the Bingeing Brain 12NOV2021

This PDF reveals: Six steps to stop bingeing
and get a healthy body. 

I didn’t know the way I looked wasn’t my fault!

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What Outsmart The Bingeing Brain will reveal:

Why “Willpower” and Diets alone will not work.

The 5 Most Important Tips:

1. Understanding it’s not our fault we crave bingeing.
2. Introduction to the Bingeing Brain.
3. There is a very good reason for overeating and bingeing.
4. Getting to know what to do with the urge to binge.
5. How to not get stuck in the “food hell”.

About The Author

Pia Lindgren founded the BreakFree WellBeing Institute and BreakFree Eating. She has helped countless people to break free from patterns of “stuckness” so they can love the bodies and the lives they live. She has learned from her own struggle with bingeing and is now sharing this with others so that, they too, can live in a place where food, weight and shape no longer holds them back.

She is an International Public Speaker, Voice Dialogue Facilitator and Psychosomatic Therapist. She helps people live in their right-sized bodies, transform lifeless relationships into joyful and loving ones, and return people from a state of stress to easeful living.

Pia thrives on bringing greater awareness, wholeness, transformation and balance to life so people can live the life of their dreams.

Here’s What Pia’s Clients Are Saying…

Since the course finished, I have been free from my addictive foods and eating behaviours… without a struggle! My health is improving, and I feel a sense of great hope about my future.

Wendy lost 44lbs (20kg) and feels and looks amazing!

On the program I learnt how to eat properly. It changed everything… and wasn’t hard. Nothing about dieting or having to use my willpower… It changed my structure, the way I thought on the inside, I understood my pain. It made all the difference!

Lisa lost 30lbs (14 kg) and feels amazing!

I was really depressed, lethargic and sluggish; using sugar to cope with life. After seeing my wife’s amazing results, I decided to do the program. This resulted in losing 10kg in 3 months, having more energy and maintaining that weight loss 2 years later, without exercise. I now recognise how my state of mind impact my eating habits and now have the skills to deal with them.

Kieron White, Byron Bay, Australia

Pia and the team “Keep it real” and care about each person. I learned WHY automatic behaviours are triggered and WHY I couldn’t stop myself with certain foods. I now make truer, self-aware decisions for myself and am in control of my eating.

Lisa Handley, Sydney, Australia

I was in so much pain… I would eat junk food and rubbish… and I couldn’t see how I’d stop doing that. After working with Pia on the BreakFree Eating program, I now have the tools to make better decisions instead of mind-numbingly sitting and eating.

James lost more than 72lbs (over 30kg) and changed his life.

For many years I searched for answers. I went to therapists and psychologists but never really felt I shifted. It was only till I was recommended Pia and started to work with her that I can honestly say things started to change.

Alf Haugen, Oslo, Norway