My Big Fat Ass

Some years ago, I remember I was walking in the shopping mall and I saw somebody walking next to me that was really big ….. well, she didn’t actually walk, to be honest actually “waddled” and you know one of those kind of big fat bodies that when you walk behind them their ass is so big that they waddle like a duck and you can almost feel you get seasick when you walk behind them because the ass is moving so much. 

I hate to admit it, but I was very critical when I saw this fat person. 

I looked at the big thighs that looked like drumsticks, the big arms and the huge tummy and I thought, ”Oh My Gosh!  Fancy looking like THAT! I would NEVER allow myself to get THAT fat”. I just noticed how judgmental I was with this fat person and then I got such a shock because I saw it was my own reflection in the big shopping window. It was ME! 

My heart sank……

I nearly died when I saw myself and realised that was me in the in the shopping window.  Because that was certainly not how I saw myself! Wasn’t I moving gracefully light on toe … like a ballerina?? Was THAT really me? It didn’t make sense to me! I didn’t look THAT bad…. surely! 

It was like all energy left my body and I suddenly got so depressed and I went to buy big fat ice cream. Not just a small one. A big one! It was unbearable to see the evidence of the truth of how big my body had become so I needed something to make me feel better.  

Reality hit me hard. How did I get that fat? I didn’t know how it happened!! “It must have something to do with having a slow metabolism”. This was running through my mind while I was biting into the crunchy cone with double chocolate ice-cream.

So what was really going on? Why did I not SEE myself as fat and overweight? Surely I would have noticed this in the mirror at home. I will tell you why…

I was able to believe I was slim and “not see” my fatness because of my Fantasy Part was protecting me from my reality and, at the same time, keeping me locked in my overeating habits.

Back then, I spent a lot of my time in what I call the Fantasy Part. I fantasised so much about how it would be to be slim. My hope and dreams, my fantasy, was that one day I would be able to move gracefully. I would be able to feel good and do what I wanted. Not have my body size keep me away from activities. I wouldn’t isolate myself out of fear… I would go out more, LIVE more.

I fantasised about being free of my food obsession. I craved that so much and fantasised about just eating what I wanted and never, never put weight on and just be free…. Free to be ME in a body that reflected who I really was.  I craved that so much.

I lived in the fantasy that, soon, very soon, I would be slim. In the future I wouldn’t have a problem with food and overeating.

However, my reality was that I felt powerless when it came to food. I could not stop the cravings, the binges and I had just had to eat! 

I had tried everything – no diet worked! Hypnotherapy, personal development, shakes, calorie counting, personal trainers – you name it, I tried it. Nothing could stop the food cravings until…

I discovered the Fantasy Part in me, and the other 8 “Eating Archetypes”. Working with the parts to discover the reason behind the food cravings, is how you stop your over eating permanently. It allowed me to lose 66 pounds and have the freedom to be me.

I have been working with overeaters and even food addicts for over 8 years, freeing people from their food cravings and the devastation it creates in their lives. The health problems, the relationship challenges, putting their life on hold until they are, one day, slim. But that day never comes.

I know I can massively reduce your food cravings in under 14 days so you can start to lose your excess weight forever. No Dieting and No Exercise.

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