• 10 Weeks

    BreakFree Eating Program

    BreakFree from the constant obsession about food, weight and shape. We know that diets do not offer sustainable weight loss. BreakFree Eating does. It will help you tune in to what your body needs. You will get your body back and become more congruent, with a sense of aliveness, a clear head, energy and relief.

  • 3 Weeks

    Freedom From Food Obsession Formula

    This course is the first step to losing the excess weight for good! The answer is not in diets! Bingeing is both a result of physical and psychological needs that are not being met. Often the triggers for bingeing and over-eating are unconscious. In this course you will become conscious of your triggers and learn that it is not your fault you are ruled by food, weight and shape.

  • 4 Weeks

    Outsmart The Binging Brain

    There is a good reason for the wanting to binge (on anything!). There is a part of you that wants to comfort and help you. It doesn’t believe you can manage life without soothing yourself with your favourite food, social media, Netflix series, work, or whatever it is that you love. This is what the Outsmart The Bingeing Brain will help you uncover, the emotional and physical triggers that are awakened… the part of you that wants to indulge. Outsmart The Bingeing Brain is your first step toward breaking free from your Bingeing Brain!