“I Was Fed Up With Being SO FAT….

….Now I’ve Lost 40Kg Permanently And Can Help YOU Finally Break Free Too…”

Hi, I am Pia Lindgren and I am a psychosomatic therapist who has been where you are now.  

I promise you… It is NOT Your fault if you are overweight.

It took me 30 years of suffering with food before I uncovered a permanent solution that shed my flab naturally and permanently.

You see I was 40 kgs overweight and tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to lose it. 

My food obsession started when I was just 4 years old.  I’d been dieting most of my life. It got worse when I was a teenager and a young adult.

If you had known me 20 years ago, you would have thought I had it all together.  I fitted into groups and social interactions but somewhere inside of me, I just felt like a fraud.

When I was in public I had a big smile on my face, hiding the fact that I was forever looking for my next hit of sugar that I could consume when I was alone. 

Believe me, I know what it’s like to lead a secret life, bingeing on food and pretending I didn’t eat as much as I did.

You’re not alone in thinking “I’ve already tried everything” and “nothing will work…” and that you are the only person in the world feeling lost, powerless, and deeply frustrated about being overweight.

It was only when I learned about the PARTS of me that kept me fat, that the weight could finally shift…naturally and permanently.

Today I am living life in my right-sized body and I am no longer dependant on my old binge foods. I am free to live a life I love.



As you probably already know, it is almost impossible to get these sorts of results alone.  And that’s why I would love you to join me in Breaking Free from being stuck in the binge cycle so that you can save time, money and finally live the life you dream of.

The BreakFree Eating Program brings together all the lessons I’ve learned to successfully overcome my own food cravings and addictions.

Based on my recovery from life as a food addict, combined with years of research in neurobiology, psychology, and Eastern philosophies, I have designed a highly effective program called “BreakFree Eating”.

Now, I no longer crave any kind of food. I eat to live, not live to eat.

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Overeating Is Not Your Fault

You may not realise it, but binging and overeating is often the result of an addiction to sugary, salty and fatty foods. Your Bingeing Brain and your body’s sensitivity to these foods is what causes you to eat so much.

As with all addictions, this is also linked to emotional and psychological ways of being. The great news is that we can change and overcome these cravings.

It only takes one step in the right direction for change to happen.

At BreakFree Eating we just need 8-weeks to change your body;  change the way you think about food, and change your approach to food forever.

The BreakFree Eating Program
is for you, if you have:

But Don’t worry… you are not alone.

At BreakFree Eating, we share and explore 3 SECRETS why no amount of dieting, no amount of exercise and certainly no amount of willpower will ever work.

  1. The hidden thrill that is making you overeat.
  2. How food is your greatest friend fighting your feelings for you.
  3. That there’s a part of you that is afraid of being slim.

We go much deeper at BreakFree Eating.  We will show you how you can harness those secrets and break free from overeating and food addiction forever by understanding what is constantly sabotaging you.

Why does BreakFree Eating
get sustainable results?

The simple reason is that we not only understand nutrition, BUT the major part is the understanding of how the psychology of eating rules your life. We have narrowed it down to “aspects” or “parts” in your psychology.

We know that you have an aspect, or part, of you that so wants to live and be healthy and be in a body you feel comfortable in. We know your overweight body is not a true representation of who you really are. We know in this body you are living a lie, as your body is not a reflection of your true self.

The key is understanding is of your Bingeing Brain that LOVES over-eating, that fantasizes for the next hit of food, the part that makes you relax, have something to look forward to, and makes life worth living. This part is purely there to help you live your life.

In our Program, we understand this aspect of you and we work with it.

All other diet and exercise programs
want to get rid of this part of you.

What they fail to understand is that getting rid of that part will never work. This aspect of you will always be there as it is protecting you. That is why we can be slim for a very short time and then stack the weight back on and we are puzzled because we felt good being slim so why would we stack the weight back on?

In BreakFree Eating you will learn the aspects of your psychology that we have chosen to call “Bingeing Archetypes”.

With BreakFree Eating you have the opportunity to go deeper into the psychology behind overeating.  The Program is based on both the physical and the psychological reasons of why we overeat.

Do you ever wonder why…

Here is the reason why
it is a struggle to lose weight…

Let me tell you, I know what it is like to live in a body I felt didn’t belong to me. I would look in the mirror and wonder how I got to be this big. I would try so hard to muster up the willpower to stay on a diet. I had all the best intentions to begin the diet in the morning and was perplexed when I found myself driving into a gas station – NOT to buy gas, but a tub of ice cream and chocolate!!… I just didn’t get it!… I was uncontrollable in terms of the lengths I would go to just to get my sugar ‘fix’. What was wrong with me?

When I finally realised that going on diets
was abuse to myself, I went on a quest.

I created the answer and I call it the
BreakFree Eating Program.

What Is BreakFree Eating?
How Can It Help Me?

The BreakFree Eating Program is a holistic movement and a community that changes lives, increases self-awareness and can stop bingeing, overeating and bulimia.

Crucially, the BreakFree Eating Program contains unique information about the neuroscience of overeating and how you can overcome food cravings by learning about, and drawing out, the different “aspects” within you, or what we call Bingeing Archetypes.

These “parts” or archetypes are often cause conflict within you, and that’s the real reason why you struggle with your weight and with food addiction. One part wants you to be healthy and another part doesn’t want to let go of the chocolate cake. Now you have a conflict.

But it is not all neuroscience and Aspect Illumination Work. There is also a Food Plan to help you lose weight quickly. But importantly you are not locked into the Food Plan forever, or the endless cycle of weighing and measuring everything you consume. We simply use the Food Plan to bring the unconscious Bingeing Archetypes up to the surface, so that when you meet them, you can become free from overeating.

The BreakFree Eating Program is practical and, essentially, acts as a tool to help you get insights into why you overeat, while teaching you what your body needs to eat in order to stay healthy. You will learn what your body needs and, since we are all different, no diet can accommodate your individual needs for weight loss.

BreakFree Eating is a
Comprehensive 8 Week Program.

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So, what is in the Program?

Switch Off Cravings For Good.

Find out: 

  • Why it’s not your fault you’re overweight.
  • Why willpower won’t work.
  • How to access the power to stop uncontrollable eating.
  • The Food Plan &
  • Lose weight.

Get to know what drives you to overeat.

  • Discover the psychology driving you to overeat.
  • Get to know the Bingeing Archetypes.
  • Discover the truth of HOW your Bingeing Brain is running your life.
  • Say goodbye to the guilt, shame and powerlessness that keeps the fat on your body.

Freedom From Food Obsession… Finally!

  • Understand the hidden truth of what triggers you to binge.
  • Daily checklists to discover the blocks that hinder weight loss.
  • Discover the deeper emotional meaning of cravings.

Each week contains multiple training videos with tasks and exercises to go through and complete – each supported by insights, amazing revelations and a stack of downloads to help and support you all the way. These include:

  • Why you get food cravings and how to deal with them.
  • Why the brain is the key to why we indulge and overeat.
  • How food cannot satisfy our physiological hunger – there is something deeper.
  • Our sustainable FREEDOM FOOD PLAN using physical, neurological, psychological and biochemical knowledge to change your thinking and approach to food forever. The Plan will help you lose weight quickly and, no, you do not have to follow this Food Plan for the rest of your life. The Food Plan won’t cost you any more than your current grocery spend, and in fact you may save money while following the Plan.  We simply use it as a tool for the time you are on the Program.

In the Program you will learn:

The BreakFree Eating Program is a structured, multi-faceted program which includes food plans (NOT diets), support, coaching, emotional assistance, and accountability to help you understand and control your addiction to food.

The way the Program is designed and mapped out, you will learn to:

Understand your body’s sensitivity to food types and its effects on your psyche.

Know how food addiction starts and how it rapidly changes from the ‘Indulger’ part of you into the ‘Tsunami Eater’ part.

In it you’ll discover the secrets to breaking the Binge Cycle by dissolving conflict.

Lose weight easily with no exercise or diets – just simply by neutralising your food cravings one ‘aspect’ at a time.

Get your life back and feel happy and free to be you.
Never worry about dieting or food cravings ever again!

What happens once you join
The BreakFree Eating Program?

Here is what you are going to get in
the BreakFree Eating Program

Live Zoom


Training Sheets

Group Coaching

If you are ready to STOP the endless struggle with food, weight and shape, then click the button below to get immediate access to…

The BreakFree Eating Program

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What Makes the BreakFree Eating Program So Effective?

We understand willpower and good intention is not enough to change our habits. There is a part of your brain that thinks it is impossible for you to manage your life without chocolate or comfort food.  

And there is also another part of your brain that really wants you to be healthy.

So, now there is a conflict. The Program will you show you how to end this struggle and it is simple to do.

Now you too, can live a beautiful, empowered life without food cravings.

What Our Graduates Have to Say
About the Break Free Eating Program…

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AUD $497

(Normally AUD $1797)

When is the BreakFree Eating Program starting?

BreakFree Eating runs 4 times a year:

Australia/Sydney (GMT+1100)

Live Webinars, Thursdays (7 pm – 8.30 pm)

9 February 2022 – 6 April 2022

28 April 2022 – 23 June 2022

14 July 2022 – 8 Sept 2022

13 October 2022 – 8 December 2022

What if I can’t make a live training?

All the live coaching sessions are recorded and made available in your private platform for you to access at your leisure.  HOWEVER, it is recommended that you attend if possible.


An 8-week online program that focuses on understanding the root cause of food cravings and what drives our behaviour and attitudes towards food. Using a step-by-step process, the Program helps you gain a healthy body and achieve personal transformation.

The Program was developed by Pia Lindgren, who was sugar dependent for over 30 years. Through research in neuroscience and psychological ‘Parts’ work, she found the permanent solution to her overeating and weight gain, and is no longer a food addict. By identifying the Bingeing Cycle and developing the Bingeing Archetypes process, Pia found the tools to help others break free from food addiction, binge eating disorder and overeating.

You are reading this because diets didn’t work. This is not a diet. This Program provides a lifelong solution for sustainable weight loss. The Program is successful because we work with Bingeing Archetypes to overcome the Bingeing Cycle – the cycle that drives your food cravings – so that you can break free from junk food dependency once and for all.

i. How to identify the subconscious ‘Parts’ / ‘Aspects’ of you that control your eating and determine why you do the things you do with food.

ii. Understanding of the roles played in your life by Bingeing Archetypes such as The Indulger, The Sneaky Eater and The Rebel.

iii. How to implement a transformational Food Plan that won’t leave you hungry.

iv. Simple steps to success.

v. A revolutionary wholistic approach to wellness and weight loss.

AUD$497 per person.

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This varies from person to person. Clients have lost as much as 12 kgs in 8 weeks but it depends on the individual. We cannot guarantee how much weight you will lose, but we do guarantee that this Program will neutralise your food cravings, which is the key to sustainable weight loss.

Yes, you can choose your own foods and create your own meals from the list of foods provided. This is why we call it The Freedom Food Plan.  The Food Plan should SAVE you money, not cost you more in your weekly shopping.

The list of foods is extensive.  There are so many options, you are sure to find things that you like.  Support is provided for transitioning onto the Food Plan, so please ask if you are having trouble.

Yes. And also, the Program has been reviewed and approved by a medical doctor.

Yes, however, in the first 4 weeks of the Program, we suggest that you don’t. You will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to eat out after this point.

Yes. It doesn’t matter what your lifestyle is. The Program is flexible enough for you to integrate into your life circumstances.

There are no age restrictions on this Program, so adolescents can join it.  Certain dietary inclusions may be changed by your Facilitator on an individual basis, depending on your age.

Yes! Although the problems of an overweight person can be more obvious, people of all different shapes and sizes can suffer from food obsession.  With this Program you will find out what drives your food obsessions and how to control them.

When you eat from the Food Plan, your body will be nutritionally sustained and not in a state of hunger. You will not feel physical hunger, however, you may feel emotional hunger. You will learn more about this in the Program.

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All the recipes and meal plans provided are family friendly.

You can find all the ingredients listed in the Freedom Food Plan at your regular supermarket. You do not need any shakes, powders or special supplements.

No. Most people find it cheaper to be on the food plan.

All the live coaching sessions are recorded and made available in your private platform for you to access at your leisure.

Live coaching is 1.5 hours commitment per week.  Training videos averages 1hr per week.

Unless otherwise stated, we offer full refunds for the BreakFree Eating Program within 14 days of purchase. We must be informed in writing via email to team@breakfreeinstitute.com for refunds to be processed.

We love questions! We will get back to you as soon as we can (within 24hours).

I am currently pregnant and/or breast feeding. Can I go on the Program?

You will be required to have a signed medical clearance from your doctor, who has seen and approved the Freedom Food Plan for you (We provide you the form to have completed). 

I have food allergies, dietary preferences and or medical/mental issues e.g. I am gluten-free, vegan or diabetic, on medication, or have a history of an eating disorder. Can I still do the Program?

  1. For any medical issues, including the use of medications while on the Program, you are required to complete a clearance form from your doctor who has seen, signed and approved the Freedom Food Plan for you.
  2. The Program and Freedom Food Plan can be adapted under the guidance of a Facilitator to suit any medical requirements.
  3. All food allergies and dietary preferences can easily be catered for in the Freedom Food Plan.
  4. Eating disorders, such as bulimia are well suited to this Program. For those who suffer from anorexia, please contact us for information about the version of the Program best suited to you.

What if I’m lactose intolerant?

The Food Plan can be adjusted to cater for food allergies and special dietary requirements.


Do I have a consultant to discuss my food with?

Each week there is designated time to ask your Facilitator questions.  You will also be part of a Community Facebook group in which you can ask questions and share recipes and meal plans with other members.

Do I have to exercise on this Program?

No.  If you already have an established exercise regime you may continue it, but please do not increase your exercise during the Program.

What if I am already active – do I have to stop exercising on this Program?

You can continue your current exercise regime but do not increase it during the Program.  Your body will already be going through a lot of changes.  It’s important to listen to your body – it may want you to rest.  There will come a time when you naturally want to exercise more again.

No problems we want to hear from you.  Please drop us a line with your questions to team@breakfreeinstitute.com.  Our dedicated team looks forward to answering your questions.  Please allow up to 24-48 hours for responses and possibly longer if you email at a weekend.

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You are protected by our 100% happiness guarantee.

If for any reason, you don’t feel the program meets your needs, please contact us at: team@breakfreeinstitute.com within 14 days of the course start date and we will happily issue you a refund.

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