Big Binging Brain Quiz Purple

Big Binging Brain Quiz Purple

Thank-you for taking the Bingeing Brain Quiz!

You were found to be PURPLE on the Sensitivity Scale. This means that you do not have an addiction to food. You are very fortunate and you do not need the Program to control your eating.

A Sensitivity score in Purple indicates that;

You can easily stop eating when you are full.
You feel satisfied when you are full.
You can easily control what you eat and how much you eat.
You rarely or never crave food unless your body needs nourishment.
You never binge.
You spend little time focused on food or weight issues.
You eat to live.

For many people, their addiction to food and constant struggle with weight can be quite debilitating. It can take a massive amount of energy to manage, although those highest on the scale have little chance of this without outside help. Fortunately, you are not in this category. The challenges of food addiction however, are not helped by the ease of access and constant promotion of food, and its central role in almost all social interactions. These factors can lead even to those who do not have an addiction to food, like yourself, to still be overweight.

You may wish to consider continuing on the journey you started with this Quiz and join the BreakFree Eating Program. Even though you do not have an addiction to food, by following the Program with its structured food plans, coaching calls, support groups and educational videos, you will maximise your health and your life.

If you are not overweight, the BreakFree Eating Program still offers great benefit. The Program is a structured Food Plan which contains all the foods (and their quantities) that are healthy for you whilst removing foods that are generally unhealthy. You don’t have to undertake any research, complex calorie calculations, or struggle with choices in the supermarket – all the decision making has been done for you. If you feel sluggish or fatigued, following the Program will increase your energy and vitality, ward of lifestyle-induced health concerns and help save money at the supermarket, but most of allow you to live a simpler, more fulfilled life.

Whatever your reason was for taking the Bingeing Brain Quiz, we are so glad you did, and invite you to explore what we have to offer.

We sincerely welcome you to the Breakfree Institute, if you choose to join us.

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