Big Binging Brain Quiz Orange

Big Binging Brain Quiz Orange

Thank you for taking the Bingeing Brain Quiz!

You were found to be ORANGE on the Sensitivity Scale. This means that you are naturally predisposed to being addicted to food, which is likely due to a combination of biological and emotional factors. Having tried all the diets and health trends available, you mostly likely feel like a complete failure where food is concerned and have just about given up on ever being in control of your mind and body around food.

A Sensitivity score of Orange indicates that;

The natural state of feeling full after a meal no longer exists, you can always eat more.
You never feel satisfied when you are full – it is like you are still looking and longing for ‘something’ to satisfy you.
You have lost control over your food – you feel powerless and helpless, and you feel this powerlessness is your burden to carry through life.
You struggle with being overweight.
You are hoping for a “magic pill” to fix your problems with food.
You struggle with daily food cravings.
You struggle daily with bingeing – you look forward to binges and go to great lengths to source food and keep your binges secret, though you often feel pain and remorse afterwards.
Food and weight issues occupy a lot of your mind – maybe more than you are aware of, or want to admit. You are puzzled and worried about how much food takes up your mental focus.
You live to eat – life will be almost unbearable if you couldn’t eat.

As you are ORANGE on the Sensitivity Scale, you are in the higher range of susceptibility to over eating and food addiction. You would benefit from a structured food program which includes support, coaching, emotional assistance and accountability to assist you in transforming your relationship with food. Trying to cut out foods that you are addicted to may be challenging for you without this organised structure and support.

About one third of the population find their addiction to food and constant struggle with weight, a debilitating daily struggle. It requires a massive amount of energy and attention to resist it. The challenges of food addiction are not helped by the ease of access and constant promotion of food, and its central role in almost all social interaction. So you are not alone – many of us in BreakFree Eating are just like you.

Being ORANGE on the Sensitivity Scale, it is recommended that you continue on the journey you started by taking this Quiz and enrol in the BreakFree Eating Program. This is because it has been proven that food addiction is rarely something you can resolve alone and this Program will provide you with the support you will need to help you meet the challenges you will come across during your weight loss journey (or during your journey to free yourself from food addiction) . It also provides access to education and coaching to assist you in understanding why you are addicted to food, and strategies to enable you to shift and let go of the need to comfort yourself with food.

The BreakFree Eating Food Plan contains all the foods (and their quantities) that are healthy for you and removes foods that are generally unhealthy. You don’t have to undertake any research, complex calorie calculations, or struggle with choices in the supermarket – all the decision making and best choices have been made for you. The BreakFree Eating Program helps you change your lifestyle, your habits, your beliefs, neural networks and cellular addictions so that you have more energy and better concentration – putting you back in control and allowing you to create a freer, healthier, happier and more fulfilled you!

Whatever your reason was for taking the Bingeing Brain Quiz, we are so glad you did and invite you to explore what we have to offer.

We sincerely welcome you to the Breakfree Institute, if you choose to join us.

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