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At the BreakFree Institute, we offer a series of courses specifically designed to focus on the negative areas that control our lives.

From breaking the pattern of toxic relationships, to self-sabotage, binge eating, bad habits and many more.

What will you Break Free from?

Hi, I’m Pia and welcome to the BreakFree Institute.

You may be surprised to learn that life is actually really simple… but what we have learned from our teachers, parents and social conditioning is that life is the opposite – complex and often difficult! 

Our personality is formed to help us cope with this reality.  What many of us don’t realise is that our personality is made up of many different Aspects or Parts.  Each of these Aspects has a different ‘job description’ that helps us to survive life.  Our personality basically perceives life as a series of obstacles and threats to be navigated.  But often our parts get stuck in the past and in negative patterns and they cannot adapt to new situations.  This creates self-sabotage. 

Our work at the BreakFree Institute is to help you break free from old patterns that keep you stuck in a life you don’t want.  We provide a proven pathway of learning and experience that creates choice and movement in your life.  You will learn that life is supportive and that you can navigate difficult experiences by responding to life rather than reacting to it. 

I am so looking forward to meeting you here. 

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